Best Corporate Event Management Companies in Chennai in 2021, How to Choose?

There are many Best Corporate event management companies in Chennai. First of All, I would like to introduce how our company started in the field of Corporate Event Management Company in Chennai. We registered a company in the year 2010. We created a website and subscribed ourselves to few advertisement portals like Google, Just Dial, etc…

Event Management Companies in Chennai.
Event Management Companies in Chennai.

Initially, When we started this firm in the year of 2010. To begin with, our thoughts are to only focus on corporate events in Chennai. However, we received a call from a Ketchup Company to promote their product by providing free Sampling in General Stores. Also, We did not refuse. We worked on this project without other thoughts.

Best Corporate event management companies in Chennai

There were few elements in that promotions:-

All the Best Corporate event management companies in Chennai do this. There are few rules we need to follow. Event Management Companies must get

  • Need Permissions from Departmental Stores
  • Hire Promoters
  • Make Promotion Table with Paint Finish

Need Permissions from Departmental Stores:-

Initially, we will Coordinate with the Sales Manager of the Brand. Usually, we will get the views about the area where we need to focus. The Area Manager will provide us a list and a permission letter. And also, about the activity brief and dates. Indeed, We can start working in-store timings. However, the floating crowd will be available in the second half of the day. so, we plan our timings from 2 p.m to 10.p.m and we get permissions for that timings. Best Corporate event management companies in Chennai follow these rules.

To begin with, they will provide us space to display our product to promote. Once we get permissions. we will hire two promoters to promote the particular products from manpower agency. Hence, our team will give training to promoters.

The Promoters will keep the chips in the bowl and ketchup on a plate with tissue. The promoter has to invite the customer to taste the ketchup for free of cost. When the customer tastes the sample, Our promoters will get feedback from the customer about the taste.
if the customer is willing to buy we provided buy1 and get 1 free Ketchup bottle.

Promoters in Best Corporate event management companies in Chennai:-

An Event Management Company should be connected to many vendors, Since, it’s a start-up company we were not able to afford to have employees for a full-time jobs. We hired good promoters from the manpower agency and we paid them on daily basis. Those Promoters were controlled by us with proper instructions.

Promotions Table with Paint Finish:-

We have in-house production and we made portable tables with pint finish and branding of Ketchup company. We made this around 200 tables for the client at a reasonable price.
Firstly, The client gave the size of the table and asked us to make one table as a sample for them with the rates. Therefore, we provided one sample and got approval for 200 promotional tables.

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