How to become A Best Event Planner in Coimbatore

Best Event Planner in Coimbatore

To begin with how to become the best event planner in Coimbatore. I am going to share some of my previous event experiences. Firstly, let me share my first corporate event in Coimbatore. We received an inquiry about doctor meets in Coimbatore. Initially, the client asked us to take the measurement of the venue. Because There plan was to introduce the medicine to the Doctors who are available in Coimbatore. We finalized a venue. The event is on Sunday evening after 6.p.m along with dinner.

Event Designers:-

The client requirement from our side is the end-to-end services of this complete event. We Provided a design of a Backdrop with a center projector screen. We got approval from the client for the backdrop. The client provided us some images of the product. According to that, we created designs of self standees and a welcome backdrop for the event. We got approval from the company and we completed the printing work three days prior to the event.

Event Production in Coimbatore :-

Simultaneously, we started making wooden frames according to the sizes for the event. We had a trial run of our Audio, Mics, and Projector and screen in our factory. We did check the led par can too. So, we are ready to execute this event. As per summary, we checked the qualities of elements and we have decided how many people are going to work on these projects.

Hence, The event is in the evening. The venue manager asked us to come for production at @10.a.m on the same day of the event. We arrange the logistics by 8 in our factory and we reached the venue and started installing the stage. Also, another team was making the backdrop. And our AV technicians started installing the sound. Simultaneously we made this set up in two hours of time. We Informed the client and he came to the venue and he was much satisfied with the setup.

Best Event Planner in Coimbatore
Best Event Planner in Coimbatore

Last Minute requirements :-

The client had some last-minute requirements. when he visited the venue. He wanted us to arrange a photographer and videographer for the event. Since we are connected to many vendors we were able to arrange the Photographer and Videographer. Here, if you really want to become the best event planner in Coimbatore. you need to plan before. Certainly, you must have a backup plan. if something didn’t happen as we think. we need to go with Plan “B”.

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