Best Event Planners In Chennai. How To Do Mall Promotions?

Indeed, for the Best Event Planners in Chennai, there are many ways to plan an event that can take turns. Sometimes to the better. Sometimes to the worst. So, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to become an Event Planner Rockstar! Here we are going to tell you how to do mall promotions.

Similarly, Mall Promotion is nothing but Brand promotion. We will be promoting a brand or any product of the specific brand in the Malls. Which usually happen inside the Malls. Let me share with you one Mall Promotion activity that we worked on. Also, I will share some steps that are necessary to follow It was a Clothing Showroom for a Familiar brand. 

Best Event Planners in Chennai
Best Event Planners in Chennai

Event Planners in Chennai, take notes

Steps to follow during the Mall promotions. 

  • How to get Permission from Mall Manager.
  • Event Setup.
  • Decide the Activity for the crowd. 

How to get Permission from Mall Manager?

Firstly, I mentioned that I am going to share the detailed activity. 
My client owns a Shop in the Shopping Mall but he wants the people to know about his shop. Being an Event Management company they hired us to do the complete event. 

The client registered as an authorized vendor to the mall activity in Shopping Mall. 
We provided a permission request letter to the management of the shopping mall by mentioning that we are going to organize the event for our client.

The Mall Management Charged us Rs.25000 for the weekend. Finally, we paid them in advance and paid the caution deposit too which is refundable after the event. 

Event Setup by Best Event Planners in Chennai :- 

We already pitched a plan to the client and he agreed. In short, I am going to mention how we implemented this. Firstly, we arranged for one female promoter to register people for the Singing, Dancing competition for the coming week. We collected data of more than 75 Individuals who were ready to Participate. While getting the phone number we explained to the customers that we have a competition for two days. 

All Best Event Planners in Chennai follow these steps

Our Team members started calling them and started fixing an appointment regarding this and things went like this. On Friday night, we started the stage setup with lights and sound. Above all, we use a red carpet with 1 foot for the stage. And also, we installed T stands with Par can and JBL Sound system for good quality of sound. The setup was done late at night without any issues. 

Indeed, we were getting ready for the event. For these types of events, we usually hire an Anchor. We hired a Female Anchor to host the show. Around 40 participants came and performed on the stage. Hence, The event went successfully as expected from evening 6 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. We had judges who shortlisted more than 20 people for final which is going to happen the next day. 

Best Event Planners Never take a break

The timings are the same and we were much happy that all of them came on time. Usually Sunday we will have a good crowd in shopping malls. Above all, the audience who came Saturday, few of them came on Sunday too. Our aim is to promote the brand and it’s happening silently successfully. For all the participants the client has already bought the prizes and as per plan, the judges found the best 3 people out of 20. Finally, we distributed the prizes to all the 20 people and encouraged them.

What are the benefits you get from Mall Promotion ? 

Mostly, Mall Promotions introduce your brand to all the customers who already know about it and to the people who don’t know about the brand. Indeed, the main reason is for promoting the brand. Hence, The shop exists in the mall. And also, it’s our duty to tempt the customer to come and try the brand which we are promoting. 

Certainly, Once the walk-in starts the sales executive will convert them as sales. Doing this kind of activity will always enhance the customers to the brand. Please call us for the best event management service for Mall Promotion.

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