Event Management Company in Bangalore. How to Be on Top.

Event Management Company in Bangalore:-

To begin with, we are also an event management company in Bangalore. In this blog, I am going to share with you some work experience in which we organized an event in Bangalore. It was in the year 2018. we received a call from an agency that they are looking for a vendor for the product launch.

Hence, we have an event production house. we shared our company profile with the client. Also, they shared the event design along with the element list. Here, we received a huge list of elements. Certainly, It took time to talk to our vendors and give them confirmation about the event.

Event Management Company in Bangalore
Event Management Company in Bangalore
Fabricators in Bangalore:-

Hence, we have a production house in Yelehenka, Bangalore. It becomes very easy to access all the elements. We have quality, carpenters, fabricators. It is 11 years old company. we have done more than 1000 + events and exhibition stalls. We have very good experience in the field of event management and the exhibition industry.

As soon as we received a work order from the client. we started making the backdrop in 1 Inch plywood. we made the pelmet too. Usually, we do most of the work in our production house. We received this order two days before the event. Certainly, it is a short time notice. Even then we managed to cover all the needs of this event.

Above all, the client said clearly, For this event production setup. The hotel management will give only 6 hours to complete the production work. Basically, for a top event management company, 6hours is more than enough to complete the event setup.

Planning and Executing the event:-

Indeed, without planning we will not be able to complete this production work in the given time. Similarly, we need to cover all the elements. We have lightings, LED, Audio, and stage for the events.

Simultaneously, when the fabrication work was going on. I arrange 3 people for the other works. The first guy was looking at the printing work. He was communicating with me and my client regarding printing. Also, he was organizing the fabricators for the branding work.

The Second guy was checking the LED, Lights, and Audio for the event. He is the technical engineer for audio and Video in our team. Usually, we cross-check the elements here in our production house. we just don’t go blindly by taking all goods. Undoubtedly, if you want to become a professional event manager. you must follow these steps.

Above all, we have a manager that he knows all the work. Also, he was getting the report from printers, Sound engineers, Fabricators, logistics, and the carpenter team. As soon as we get to the venue. we had multiple teams to complete this setup.

Executing the event Setup at venue:-

Altogether, we took all the materials in one truck and reached the venue. As I mentioned earlier we had multiple teams for this setup. we took the manpower to unload the vehicle. Our First team was installing the stage. Simultaneously fabricators started making the backdrop for the events.

In the meantime, our AV team was doing the sound and light installation. All the teams are waiting to get the stage installation work. We did the stage, lightings, branding in 2 hours of time.

Simultaneously, people started installing the backdrop and LED on the stage. Here, we completed all this work in 4 hours. We did the test run of the lights, LED, Audio, and other setups. So were absolutely ready for the event. Above all, Planning is very important to become the top event management company in the world.

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