What does Event Management do? How to become an Expert?

Event Management in Coimbatore:-

Firstly, there are few top event management in coimbatore. To start with I am going to tell you about one event which we did in coimbatore. We received an inquiry from a corporate company. From the opposite side we spoke to an HR.

They had some problem with the vendor whom they finalised the event before. It was a quick call stating that the same day they have an event in the evening. we just had 7 hours for this setup. Though setup is not simple nor big. Hence, it took 20 minutes to decide wheter we will be able to this or not.

Indeed, we had a group discussion with our team mates. how to implement this in a short time. meantime , our marketing team was closing the deal and signing the contract. Hence, it was decided before by someother company. we got the idea of the elements to use.

Printing work:-

Usually, we do the printing and get approval from client. But here what we did is we forwarded the files to printing company. Also, we asked the client to come to printing place and check the quality and corrections. We will never give work to client but here we were running out of time.

Simulataneously, We were packing the materials like Sound, LED, Stage, Carpet, Lights etc… to the venue. Though we dont have much time and Even the client was also so helping.

Eventually both the things were happening together. Installing LED panel takes much time. So our team decided to go with stage and LED Panel first to venue. Similarly, Our Carpenter team started making frames for the branding work.

Time Management:-

Here you must notice, we finished loading LED panels from our production house to venue within 2 hours. Fabricators started fixing the stage first on priority. Secondly, The techinicians also started installing the LED panels. In three hours we completed the stage work.

Simulataneously techinicians installed LED Panels, Audio and Lights etc… In the mean time the printing media also came. Also Fabricators came with frames. we started working on the fabrication also. As we know we it’s a short time. So we hired Daily wages lobours and fabricators to finish this on time.

Certainly, We completed this setup in 5 hours. As usuall, we had the trial run for 2 hours after completing the setup. Here you can learn few things. Firstly, Stay positive, That you will be able to do it. Secondly, Planning and Executing within the short time. Laslty, In Emergency situations, you must increase the manpower.

This is how you will become an Expert in the field of Event Management.

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