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Event planner for Corporate events :- 

Firstly, in this blog, I will explain to you how to convert your corporate event lead. And also, how to become an event planner for corporate events. Corporate events have many events such as Meetings, Seminars, Product Launches Etc.
Let’s take the example of corporate events. Firstly, there are few questions where you need to get from the client. 

  1. Finalize the Venue.
  2. Design
  3. How many Packs and timings?
Event planner for Corporate events
Event planner for Corporate events

Finalizing the Venue:- 

However, the client will suggest you some venues as well as you can suggest some cost-effective venues to the client with a decent budget. When you suggest the venue. Kindly keep few things in mind. Mostly, the client needs in the budget. The venue should be feasible to travel and the atmosphere must be pleasant. The Parking area should be good so that client should not face any problems.


Being an Event Planner for Corporate Events. You must approach them with a proper 3D Design. Before doing the design you need to take the measurement of the Venue. While submitting the design you must make sure that you have covered all the elements which you are going to use in a particular Corporate Event. You have to design a Backdrop along with a welcome backdrop and other brandings too.

How many Packs and timings?

Get the details of participants so that it will help you to decide what kind of technical Audio and Video you should use in a corporate event. According to the footfall, only your AV technician will suggest you. We cannot expect 100 Participants to come to the meeting at the same time. Few may come earlier to know about the event. We can put some products on display or provide some catalogs so that your client’s customer will get to know more about the meeting. There are few entertainment programs before or after Seminar will be available. There are few clients whom we served in past. They will ask us to start some traditional dance as the first Program. We have started few events with Bharathanattiyam. It’s a Traditional dance of India. Sometimes, the client will choose some other dance too. 

Event planner for Corporate Events best practices

Before the Seminar, Few clients will ask us to arrange some motivational speakers who can motivate the people who have come to the event. The motivational speaker is a good choice. However, after an event, you can suggest a DJ party which is quite common in corporate events. The Bar counter and Food Court will be nearby mostly. if you hire a professional DJ. It’s going to help the client become memorable. Mostly, the Seminars are going to be 30 to 60 minutes. In that short time, we must provide the clients the sufficient Audio and Video Support. So that the client may convey the message successfully.

These are the method to become a good Event planner for corporate events. Always, you must run a trial session of the event before it starts. Don’t wait until the last minute and don’t be overconfident on Electronic devices. To make this event successful you must plan early and complete the set-up and trial run before 3 hours of the event.

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