Event Planner Internship jobs in Chennai. Free Now ?

Event Planner Internship jobs in Chennai.

Most Event Planner Internship jobs in Chennai are available now to students with just a Bachelors’s Degree. One can just walk into any Event planner Company and apply for an Internship job. It is that easy.

What is an Internship? 

Indeed, An Event Planner Internship is a short-term profession where you can learn about event management. where we will suggest the candidate go and see the execution of events. Usually, in our firm, we put the candidates on work to see how it’s helping them to learn practical skills. Once they adopt new things they will be very much eager to learn as early as possible. However, the theory is also there once they return it to the office. We will ask them to make the document what they saw and how it was implemented. it will help the candidates to know exactly where they need to work and which is so prior.

Roles of Internship:-

Indeed, This is the work experience where you get it without pressure from the Job. Also, We help the candidates to get good experience and we help them to become Event Planners in the Future. However, The intern will be able to build contacts in the Event Industry. Also, they will be communicating with good event organizers who already have a huge experience.

Building Resume and Building Confident:

Once you start working on projects. you will be considered as an experienced candidate. which you can mention on your resume. You will be very much confident if someone asks you what exactly you did in your internship.

Getting new connections in Industry:-

Obviously, once you start working, there are chances to meet different people from different sectors so that it will be helpful for you to organize events in the Future. 
Not only suppliers or vendors, but interns will also get a chance to communicate with clients directly. They will get to know the venue, etc…So here you will learn about the industry before you get a Job. Learning about a Job is like getting a job for sure. We will provide you with an Event Planner internship certificate. Initially, from our company, we don’t pay stipends to the Interns. There are few paid internships too in the market. 

Who can apply for an Internship?

Firstly, Students who are pursuing this can apply for an internship. Recently graduated students also can apply for this position. The basic Eligible criteria are that you must be above 18 years of age. In our Firm, we don’t have a Part-time Internship program. The reason is that we always have an event only for a couple of hours. but the event setup will be more than 8-10 hours for every event. Mostly, we will be getting the venues either in mid-night or early morning. So even after setup, we need to be there till the event gets over. The client may have some changes in setup or he can add some other elements at the last minute. So interns must stay there until we do the dismantling without any damages for the venue and as well for our elements. This is not suitable for people who are looking for a part-time job.

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