Being an event planning company in India. We provide various types of event services. For example, Corporate Events, BTL Promotions, Event Production, and complete support for your tradeshows and exhibitions.

Finally, we differ from other event companies in the Industry. Also as an Event Planning Company, we value your opinions. Hence, we use your ideas to give you the best experience you ever had in your Events. Our knowledge makes us stand out in this field. MARKETING

Surely, an Event Planning Company must have vast wisdom. Likewise, it must be factual to give the best solutions. Glider Events gives the following services in events and meetings helping to engage and impress also deliver. Indeed, we boast ourselves for the great make of products for the event you need. We have very highly trained designers and a customer service team with high experience. Hence we offer Social Events and Corporate events. As a matter of fact, we are experts with materials, designs, and logistics. For instance, no matter the size of the event, be it big or small we can handle it. We take care of Formal, Casual, Theme Party, etc,.

Also, we have skills in Event planning campaigns for all leading brands. Certainly, also we give solid solutions to your Event challenges. Not to mention, our aim is to be the best event solution for our clients and forge positive experiences. To rephrase it, we will supply all the goods to make your event a success.

Here are some services that we provide,

  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Galas
  • Award Shows
  • NewFronts & Upfronts
  • Press Events & Launches
  • Incentive Trips
  • Multi-Media & Communications
  • Roadshows
  • Sampling
  • Branding
  • Promotions
  • Mall Activities


Likewise we handle all types of your event needs and you get a full scope and a full view of your event.

Above all, it is possible only with help of our team. Likewise, we have one devoted group of Event Planners with many skills. Also, they stay fit for our client’s needs. Glider is your best event planning agency that can host any type of event. For years, we have built our fame on great events and hypnotic sense. Fun fact: We are the best Event Planners who were founded with passion and drive in 2010.

Hence you can rely on us for all of your meeting planning services. Seems like we take the stress of planning the perfect event off your shoulders and minds. Due to this reason you can sit back and relax and enjoy each and every moment of the Conference or Meeting. For one thing, we provide out of the box ideas for your meetings.

  • Sound & Light support
  • Stage Fabrication
  • Audio Visual Support
  • Printing
  • Stall Fabrication
  • Event Coordination
  • Venue & Recce


What does the acronym MICE mean?

Certainly, the phrase MICE means meetings, incentives, conferencing & exhibitions. Also, it is the main area of tourism that focuses on the planning and booking of groups of people for larger events, conferences, or seminars.

The components of mice industry


First of all, a meeting is a gathering of 2 or more people. While sharing information, discussing, or solving problems in a venue. Also, these Meetings may occur face to face or virtually. Likewise, these meetings are commonly linked with the corporate sector. Similarly, these Meetings have a circular structure i.e REPORT, ACT, REVIEW, and DECIDE. Finally, these Meetings can be done on an international or domestic, large scale, or small scale.

Seems like “An incentive is that which encourages people to act on stimuli to increase the output”. Hence an incentive is a motivational force that creates a desire to excel. Finally, this helps the team in performing better.

Incentive programs are used in business management to motivate the employees and in the sales, sector to attract and retain customers for the long term.

A typical example of an incentive would be travel incentive where the company pays for the vacation of a top-performing sales person.


First of all, Conferences fall into the category of analyzing sessions. Due to this, the participants meet from different organizations. Seems like it will be based on one particular topic of study.

A convention is a gathering of people. Here people meet at the arranged place and the specific time in order to discuss and engage in their interest.

As a result, the organization or association organizes a convention each year with a theme that is related to the organization topic.

Certainly the most common conventions are Trade conventions, they focus on a particular industry.

The India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) is our country’s top body which promotes India more effectively as a MICE-destination. It was set up in 1988 by the Ministry of Tourism. Its headquarter is in New Delhi and is headed by the full-time marketing director. The membership of this organization includes national airlines, travel agents, hotels, tour operators, conference organizers, tourist transport operators, etc. Its mission is to protect our ability to hold conventions and conferences of all shapes and sizes in India.