When Will Exhibitions Start Again In India? Exhibitions Now In 2021

Exhibition Stall Designer in Chennai:-

Indeed, People are expecting “When will Exhibitions Start again in India”. The same thing is happening with us, an Exhibition Stall Designer in Chennai. As we know due to the second wave of Covid-19. The government of India has stopped the B2B exhibitions and also social gatherings.

Exhibition Stall Designers in Chennai
Exhibition Stall Designers in Chennai

Certainly, Last week of June 2021. The Covid cases decreased gradually in India. But, Unfortunately in some states of India. The Covid cases are increasing and decreasing too. Though most of the cities are open now with limited social gatherings. The government slowly removes the lockdown.

Accordingly, The rumor is that the Government of India is waiting for the third wave. Because the ruling government of India handled the first wave safely. They didn’t know that the second wave will hit the people very badly. As they handled the first wave perfectly. So they thought they can handle the second wave without hurdles.

The Third wave of Covid-19:-

Undoubtedly, the world is waiting for the third wave of covid-19. All countries are ready to face the covid-19 third wave. This is the main reason the government has stopped allowing Exhibitions.

In the same way, The government has allowed people to work according to the covid guidelines. Now, the cases are fewer compared to April and May 2021. The Indian government wants to start the exhibition. If the third wave of covid didn’t affect people.

Firstly, They are focusing on people. If everything goes smoothly till August. I hope the government of India will allow Business to Business Exhibitions in India.

Additionally, 90% of the business transactions are not good in India. The GDP is also going down. As we all know only exhibitions will enhance the businesses and economy of the country too.

Equally important the lives of the people here. So everyone is praying that we humans will win this covid-19. Once the pandemic moves out from this world. We are sure that business is going to be double or triple.

Finally, The Exhibition Stall designers are also getting ready to serve the clients to enhance their businesses.


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