Exhibition Stall Designer in India. how to Choose now ?

Exhibition Stall Designer in India:-

To begin with, I am writing a project about the Exhibition Stall Designer in India. Which we worked for one of our prestigious Clients. The Client was willing to participate in an event in India. We received an email stating that he is looking for Exhibition Stall Designers in India.

Exhibition Stall Designers in India
Exhibition Stall Designers in India

Firstly, We sent an e-mail with the basic questions to get an overview of the stall and the client’s needs. We always do this through writing to avoid confusion. And also, it’s a professional way to communicate.

Questions of Exhibition Stall Designing Company:-

Initially, We asked a client for the floor plan of that particular exhibition in which they are participating. After receiving a Floor plan, we got to know the size of the stall. We saw that it was closed from 3 sides. Moreover, we need to know what exactly the client wants to do on this trade show. So that an Exhibition Designer in India will design according to that. Here we go the confirmation about the stall. In addition, we also ask the client what is the minimum and maximum budget. According to that only we can create designs. Here, the Budget plays an important role in the Exhibition Industry.

3D Designer in Exhibition:-

Certainly, in any tradeshow or any events, if you are participating. you must see the 3D view of your position. Verbal Communication will always end up with some misunderstanding. Above all, we design it free of cost for our clients. The benefits of 3D designing are that you will know how exactly your Exhibition Stall is going to be. You can make changes according to the way you like. Above all, we got the approval from the client and work order in the email.

Exhibition Stall Fabricators in India:-

Hence, it was a big stall. So we made the tables and the podiums and Fascia and Ceiling in our Production house. We got only 24 hours of time to do this entire stall fabrication. Besides, we increased the number of painters to this Exhibition Stall Set-up. Finally, we were ready to take the position of the stall. It means we did most of the carpentry work in our Production Unit. We put this platform first and wrapped it with a plastic sheet. Simultaneously, we started placing the walls. And Also started fixing the lights. We Installed the raw plywood walls and gave them to painters. Simultaneously, They started the painting work and completed the stall in 14 hours. This is how we completed this stall on time. This is how every Exhibition Stall Designer in India works.

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