Exhibitions Stall Designer and Fabricators. How to work Smoothly?

Exhibitions Stall Designer and Fabricators:-

Firstly, “Exhibitions Stall Designer and Fabricators” how do they work? In this blog, I am going to tell you how exhibition stall designers and fabricators work when they receive the inquiry of Exhibition Stall. We received a call from Autoblock Company.

Firstly, Let me tell you about the scenario of the client. The Client has participated in other cities in India for the same expo before few weeks. Already, They had a vendor who supported the Exhibition Designing as well as Exhibition Stall Fabrication in their previous expo.

Exhibitions Stall Designer and Fabricators
Exhibitions Stall Designer and Fabricators

Bargaining the Rates:-

Hence, The client has taken the same size space in other exhibitions and a similar stall is going to happen in Chennai too. So we quoted the rates where the client was happy. And also, he didn’t bargain further. we went with the agreement and we received a confirmation email to start the work.

how do we work as Exhibitions Stall Designer and Fabricators:-

Hence, the client has done the stall and worked previously. So the client refused us for designing. we started making the stall in our factory. Usually, we will design for the client but this time the client themselves said that they have a design. While we were focusing only on the production part of Exhibition stall Fabrication. We took the position of the Exhibition space. we installed the platform and started working on the backdrop and fascia and we installed it in few hours. We started the painting work too. Suddenly, The person who was supervising our work from the client’s team said, They don’t have designing files. Certainly, Without those files, we will not be able to do the printing job. They had some issues with their previous vendor. So he was not picking the call. Although, They told us during the midnight, where we do not have much time to design again and do the printing work. Because there were many acrylic boards were available.

Exhibition Stall Designing:-

We were running out of time and in our office the designers went home. The complete team is blind to how to handle this situation. Because it’s almost midnight. We knocked on our designer phones and sent them a cab to bring them to the office.

And Also, We spoke to other companies and sourced a designer, Somehow we managed to bring 3 designers to the office. In Conclusion, We split the work to each designer, So that they can complete it before the print shops get open. It’s not only digital Printing. We had some Acrylic Boards too which we need to Re-design according to their previous show.

Printing :-

As per the plan, it worked with the help of the designers. One of our colleagues and a person from the client team went to the printing shop and they were until the printing is done. There were some changes from the client side. so they made it and the printing was done.

Exhibition Stall Fabricators:-

Finally, we received a printing file by 5.p.m in the venue. Our Fabrication team was thereafter finishing all the work by last night. Usually, we will have specialized people for the stalls. For example. Carpenters, Painters, Electricians, Branding People, and Helpers.

We just got 4 hours to do the branding work. Because the organizer will not allow us to work on the venue after 9.p.m. Accordingly, we have planned it earlier. Our Electrician and the Carpenter did the wiring work.

Already, we made this stall a plug-and-play. Everything was set there before. Here for the branding installation work. we hired 4 people so that they can work as earlier as possible. We had Two carpenters and two painters and one Electrician to do the final touch-up works.

Above all, The branding people finished their work within 45 minutes. After that we had some touch-up works to do for the painter. The painter also finished his work by 7.00.p.m. We had a trial run of the video and lightings in front of the client. We hand over the stall to the client by 7.30.p.m. This is how Exhibition Stall Designer and Fabricators works.

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