How to become an Event Planner in Chennai?

How to Become an Event Planner in Chennai.?

There are few courses online as well as in the Institutes. Here you can get a diploma certificate. Hence become a Professional Event Manager. The above program will help the people who don’t know how to start or where to begin. Firstly, To become an event planner you need to work on few things like.,

  • Recruit Suppliers
  • Hire Manpower
  • Understand your responsibility
  • Analyze the Risk Factors 
  • Problem Solving Skills

Recruiting Suppliers :-

Initially, Instead of investing in elements or materials, I would recommend you to find your suppliers in the market. If you are doing Personal Events like weddings or birthday parties etc. Always the supplier will have materials. Which they can alter accordingly to the size of the venue or event requirements. Hence, you can get the materials for rent as per your theme. 
You can rent the backdrops, decorative materials, Carpets, Artificial Flowers, Fiber Backdrop, Birthday Themes, Audio and Video, LED screens, etc.. 

How to Become an Event Planner in Chennai. Hire Manpower:- 

Similarly, Some suppliers may have materials but they will not provide you people to initiate the set-up. In that case, you can rent the materials from suppliers and use your labor to execute them. 
Initially, 3-4 people including you are mandatory to run a small event. Hire people who have some experience in the field of the event industry. So that they will help you in Flower Decorator, Balloon Decorator, etc… 
You need one Technician in your team because in most of the events. Many will use Lights and Audio for Sure. Mostly, To set up an Electronic device like Audi or lighting we need to do the trial run and check before an event. if that doesn’t work it will spoil your event.

However, if you hire a Technician he will be there to help you and supervise you throughout the event. Simultaneously, he can take care of Audio, Video, and Lights. As well as he can coordinate with other people who work on that event.

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Event Planner in Chennai. Understand your responsibility:-

As a matter of fact, once you start promoting yourself that you are an event planner. Obviously, you will get the work. But before you proceed you need to understand your responsibility. Firstly, you need to get the requirements from your client. You should make the list and soft copies more than 4 copies to give each one to your team. The client is Choosing you as an event planner to make this event Memorable. So we should not disappoint the client. 
In addition to this, You must commit only to the things which you can make it done. Consider every event as your first event and do it professionally. Even if it has a small requirement or big event.

Analyze the Risk Factors:-

Firstly, As we confirm the order from the client, we need to arrange the Materials, Manpower, and a crystal clear plan to implement the event successfully. Secondly, We need to Analyze and plan the timings. you need to plan your transportation and do the proper follow-ups for the materials as well as for the manpower. if the event is at if you drag your setup till 7.p.m it will spoil the complete event. So, Please complete the setup at least 3-4 hours prior. Only then you can challenge on-site problems in the event or additional requirements:-

Problem Solving Skills:-

Indeed, An Event Manager is also known as Problem Solver. So this is the basic knowledge to become the Best Event Planner in the Industry. Without problem-solving skills, you will not be able to sustain yourself in the market for a long time. For Beginners, it looks cool and simple when they see an event planner. If you really find an event planner who makes every event successful then it means he is a hard worker and he has analyzed the risk and did complete homework to implement this event successfully.  this is how to Become an Event Planner in Chennai. call us @ 8144404555


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