Stall Fabricators in Kochi. How to Become “THE BEST” ?

Stall Fabricators in Kochi.

To begin with, I am sharing with you an experience of being one of the Stall Fabricators in Kochi. In this blog, I will also explain you, How to become the best Stall Fabricator in Exhibition Industry. Hence, We are in this field for the past 11 years. I will share the basic requirements to become the best in the market.

However, We got an Enquiry about the building stall for a reputed company from Pune. They already booked the stall for the upcoming trade show in Kochi. Certainly, The client is very clever, he was ready with design to find a good stall fabrication company in Kochi. When they reached us over the phone. They had so many questions for us, It was like an interview. That was a good move from the client. We provided the portfolios, References, Images, and the last 10 stall details which we worked on. We always share clients numbers with our new clients to cross check about you.

Consequently, the client was much interested to go with us. The client said he was okay with the references which I gave it to him to get feedback about our company. Also, he spoke to his management regarding this and finalized the rates and work order for their company to our company.

3D Designing for the stall:-

Indeed, Before we start the work. We never work on verbal designs and always we go with 3D designing. We also have a team of Exhibition Stall Designers in Kochi. Our designers submitted 2 designs as per our client’s requirements. The client approved our design through email. Also , they processed the payments in advance.

Stall Fabricators in Kochi
Stall Fabricators in Kochi

As mentioned, The client provided us the content for the branding work too. They want to display the products which they manufacture and supply. Though, the work seems to be less in this stall but we made a big size of two like steps. Since it’s a big podium, our team was not able to paint this in our production house.

Our Production Plan:-

Usually, Every Stall Fabricator will have a different style to execute the project. In this article, I am going to mention how we did this without any hurdles. We received the print files from the client. Firstly, we decided to finish the printing work. As per the design, the client had the Acrylic Logo. So we always focus on Printing work as first priority.

Simultaneously, While the printing was going on. Our team started making the podium in two pieces. We usually use new material for the podium. The Client mentioned the weight of the product. Accordingly, our carpenter in Kochi decided to go with 1 Inch Plywood. We made the table also in our production house in Kochi.

Moreover, in our production house, we have readymade platforms and walls for the Exhibition stalls. We were ready to take the position in the trade show venue of Kochi. Our Fabricator team is ready to complete this stall with good quality. We decided to go with one Carpenter, Two Fabricators, Two Painters, One Electrician, and Three helpers to work on this project.

Execution of Exhibition Stall in Kochi:-

Altogether, Our fabrication team loaded the truck with all the materials of the stall. Also, they took necessary furniture, podiums, fabric, carpet, etc… As soon as we took the position our helper installed the platform and carpet on the allocated space for our client.

Simultaneously, Our Fabricators were installing the walls with Fabric Branding. After our electricians were also done with the wiring work for the lightings and Acrylic Logo. In the meantime , Our Carpenters fixed the big podium to display the client’s products.

All these work done in 3 hours of time. Because, we already made the podium at our production house. Now they main part is painting the podium. Before we start the painting of the podium we wrapped polythene cover on brand new carpet to avoid dirt.

Then, the painters started their work and finished in next 8 hours of the time. Total in 11 hours we made this setup very easily without any problems. For painting it took some time due to the climate. If it’s a hot place we can finish this work more earlier.

This is the exact where we implemented this project. If you want to become the best Stall Fabricators in Kochi. Certainly, you must plan before how you will execute this project.

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