Stall Fabricators in Mumbai. How to Select Now?

Stall Fabricators in Mumbai

In Short, it a small story about Stall Fabricators in Mumbai. This happened in the year 2019. We received an inquiry from an electrical manufacturing company in India. They had the designs and sizes of the floor plan. So, we noted down the requirement to provide rates. Over the phone, we discussed just this.

Element Details:-

Firstly, The Client shared the design with us. We came to know its two sides open stall. They have booked already. Also, they had designs for one side open stall. Since the space was two open, we asked the client to re-design to avoid confusion. They share the design with us after re-designing.

In the meantime, the client said the details verbally over the phone. So, we started working on that too. Providing costing and the rates before we get the new design. Because we already knew the design of the stall. They just had to remove the extra one-side wall and add the Fascia.

Because we have two sides open in this trade show in Mumbai. We got approval from the client. Also, we insisted on the advance payments for stall fabrication. And, the client agrees to pay us the advance.

Stall Fabricators in Mumbai. How do they work:-

As soon as we received the work order through email. We didn’t wait for the advance payments. Even though we asked and the client was also ready to give. Our team was sent with all the requirements to meet our Fabrication team in Mumbai. Our Fabrication supervisor was allotted people and the materials for the exhibition stands in Mumbai.

In short, I will tell you how we work. If the project is big or small. Firstly, we will start working before the production date. Secondly, we will make the walls in our factory beforehand. Then, we will also make the tables, Fascia, Podiums, etc.

Stall Fabricators in Mumbai
Stall Fabricators in Mumbai

Painting work:-

Similarly, we do the painting work also in our production house. We will not paint the walls. But we will paint the tables, podiums, etc… Also, we will wrap it with polythene covers. In fact, you cannot paint the walls and do the transportation if it’s big stalls.

Mostly, We will do the wall work after reaching the venue. we will make the walls there. But, the joints can be done only at the venue. Only after you fix the platform and wall. Usually, we will wrap the plastic sheet on the platform. while doing the painting work your carpet or else the floor will get spoil. Simultaneously, while painting we will do the electric work too. Usually, we do the painting 3 times. Because you will get a good finishing if you do it 3 times. In the meantime, we will arrange all other elements in the stall. This is how we do the painting work.

Pre work is very Important:-

Undoubtedly, Pre-work is very important in every industry. There are many stalls which we made before 10 days of that particular event. The reason is simple. we have a huge workflow and storage place in our production house. So I believe this blog will give you an idea of how to become a good Stall Fabricator in the Industry. Every best stall fabricator in India follows this method to avoid unnecessary problems at the last minute. If you hand over to the client in prior. Also, they can arrange their products.

Don’t ever think of working till the last minute. Because it will not allow you to take rest and also you cannot focus on the quality of the work. So, I advise everyone that if you want to provide a Quality stall Fabrication then start working as earlier as possible.

70% of the clients will have some last minutes requirements and changes. when you complete the stall 10 hours before. it means you are fit to do any changes or change the entire stall. This is how we work as a stall fabrication company in Mumbai.

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