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Exhibition Stall Fabricators are set in many events in this industry. What are the other types of Meetings and Events that need us? let’s see,


Presently we are daily working with many Stall Fabricator companies in India. Firstly, we make Custom Stalls, Exhibition Stalls, Stand up stalls, Pop up Stalls, and many more. For one thing, we analyze all the Stalls and Stands requests with very strict details. In a similar fashion, we also see who are the best suppliers based on the previous line of the work. Not to mention we take into consideration where the Event takes place for logistics.


We are looking for candidate has experience in exhibition stall fabricators.

  • Supervisors
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Truck Drivers
  • Painters
  • 3D Designers


What is an Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is also known as a shareholders meeting. Here a large meet is held by Trade Companies. These Meetings let the shareholder interact with the board of directors. Especially to know about the company’s growth. They also elect new members to the board of directors. Providing a lot of work to Exhibition Stall Fabricators.


What is meant by Board Meeting?

Usually, Board Meeting is a term used for the meeting of Companies and Board of directors. Hence, it is actually the meeting of the head of a company. Only to discuss the future of the firm. Also, decide the way of action for the next months.


What are Breakout Sessions?

Particularly, a Breakout Session is meetings or workshops. Along with seminars or presentations too. Generally, these meets are for a small group of people. These meetings are usually held in small rooms. Similarly in a convention center or hotel. As well as in off-site meeting rooms or boardrooms.


What are Business Dinners and Banquets?

Business Dinners and Banquets are formal galas of a company or firm. Particularly to mark their victory within the Firm. Hence, lifting the mood of employees and members of their company. Depending on the size of the companies these dinners may be small in a room. Likewise in a large hotel banquet hall or even in an event space like an art gallery or museum.


What is the Conference?

Generally, Convention and Conference is a term that portrays the meeting. Hence, the industry’s standard definition of a conference is a meeting of a short duration. However, a convention is a plan to meet the specific objectives. Indeed in all types of meeting at a specific time. Therefore they give work to Exhibition Stall Fabricators.


What is a Colloquium?

Similarly, a colloquium is an “academic networking event.” Usually, the members are experts in the given field. Thus they meet to swap new ideas. As a result, many academic programs need to participate in a colloquium to complete the event. Hence, Exhibition Stall Fabricators are employed here too.


What is a Conclave?

Generally, Conclaves are types of meetings that are conducted in secret. Indeed, a conclave is a “closed-door” meeting. For the most part, the sole person who has a certain level of power or hold the meetings. Certainly, one of the most noted conclaves in the world is the Papal conclave. Here the cardinals meet to elect the new Pope. Obviously, Exhibition Stall Fabricators don’t have much work there.


What is Congress?

Generally, the word “Congress” means the legislative branch of government. Likewise, congress can also mean a large group of people who meet regularly. Consequently on a set-up where they make decisions with debates and voting process.


What are Consumer Shows?

A consumer show or a Gate Show is a Trade Show that is open to the public. Above all, these shows have an entrance fee. Particularly, people who relate to their latest products. Also, these consumers like electronics, automobiles, medicine, etc.


What is the Convention?

Likewise, a Convention is a large group of experts with a shared interest. Seems like, all of these events come and go. Which means they return every year. Furthermore, It is usually planned at a set time every year. Generally, Conventions have keynote speakers for presentations. Here they show attendees the advancements and trends in a particular field. Finally giving work for Exhibition Stall Fabricators.


What are Exhibitions?

Exhibitions are trade shows that hub on B2B businesses. Likewise, they also focus on Business consumer interactions. For instance, it is a trade show that lasts for 3 to 5 days. Hence giving work for Exhibitions Stall Fabricators.


What is meant by Expo or Expositions?

An expo is but a large scale exhibition or trade show. Generally, an Expo gets conducted on an international level. One of the best examples of an expo is “The World’s Fair”. Due to this reason, many Exhibition Stall Fabricators are employed.


What are Fairs?

Fair looks the same as trade shows or an expo. Usually linked with Exhibiting art and Crafts. Besides, industrial products and agricultural products are on display. They are staged more locally and on a small scale. Generally, Fairs are for entertainment and food. These are the major draws. Unlike most trade shows, where it’s more up-scale.


What are the types of Functions?

As a matter of fact, a party or a social gathering like celebrations or a ceremony is a function. Usually one or many gatherings add to these types of events. For instance, Galas, Business Dinners, Birthday Parties, Graduation, etc. Finally, it is just a friendly gathering. Here people get in touch with each other. They share their life and their experiences. For instance, a family may invite their neighbors for dinner. Not only does this help them bond. But also give them a chance to grow their relation.

(15) Fundraisers:

What is Fundraising in Event Management Industry?

Generally, a fundraiser is a party, dance, dinner. Either organized for the purpose of raising money or for a cause. Usually, it is done by an organization. Mostly which is a Non-Profit Organisation. Lastly, Many Event Management Companies conduct Fundraising Events. Probably due to the fact that it is for a good cause.

(16) Gala:

What is a Gala?

A gala is a large scale party or dinner that includes entertainment and awards ceremonies following the dinner. There are many famous galas. The MET Gala is a very famous one. For one thing, is sure. Only the rich and famous go to these places. There are many other famous Galas. Mostly all galas are for noted and famous people.

(17) “Green” Meetings:

What are Green Meetings?

“Green” meetings prevail as an event that helps produced peace in mind. This type of meeting tells us about the use of water, electricity, and all types of renewable products. Usually, disposable products get selected to use when planning these events. Finally, this makes it clear why Green Meetings matters.

(18) International Events:

What are International Events?
The basic definition of an international event is as follows. It’s an event that has 15% or more participants from outside of the host country. In the light of people from out of the host country that conducts the event. India is a country that is a famous host. Not long ago, we hosted many events.

(19) Meetups:

What are Meetups?

Meetups refer to an informal meeting. It is also a get together organized for some people. Generally, people with the same interests. They may be like dating, make contacts, games, novels, meditation, hiking, riding, wine tasting, etc. Many people join a meetup. There is a website that has a service for meetups it is meetup.com.

(20) Networking Events:

What is Networking Events?

Networking Events are for raising a company or individual’s profile. Particularly, community or Organizing or sponsor a networking event. Undoubtedly, this can be a great way to connect with the targeted audience. Network growth is the main factor that helps grow a business.

(21) Party:

What is a Party?

A Party is a generic term that describes any social gathering of a large or small group of people. Hence providing work for Exhibitions Stall Fabricators.

(22) Plenary or General Sessions:

What are Plenary or General Sessions?

Plenary or General Sessions is a large meeting open to all people who are attending an event. These sessions start in a large conference or convention hall before the event begins.

(23) Political Events:

What are Political Events?

Political events mean an event that remains organized to raise awareness. Also to collect funds for a selected candidate or cause. This also can prevail named Political Event Planning.

(24) Press Conferences:

What is Press Conferences?

Press conferences continue as examples of media conferences. Generally, they adhered to politics, business, and sports. They often are organ Retreats and Team Building Events. Also, by the news-makers to make announcements or to ask questions by the press who are invited to the Press conference.

(25) Product Launch Events:

What is Product Launch Events?

Product Launches are mostly big events. Particularly, where firms invite journalists, bloggers, social media influencers. Also, to make the public watch the very first launch of a company’s product. A successful product launch is consists of a venue that represent the product being launched.


What is Receptions?

Social Function is known as a Reception. They are the spot where light snacks do get served in buffet style. In the Events meetings industry all like receptions. Reception is an informal type of party. Thus guests usually stand up and socialize than sit down at a table. For example, weddings, birthdays, and other social events, receptions, gatherings that have a formal ceremony at the end. Reception is a formal display of the gathering.

(27) Retreats and Team Building Events:

what are Retreats and Team Building Events?

Retreat acts as an event that stands for fun. People like to go-cart races, ski trips, and ropes, etc. It could be anything. Furthermore, as the aim of a retreat, all try to be friendly. The team members get to know each other and become more apt as a team. Team Building event is also a type of Retreat. Hence many Exhibition Stall Fabricators get a job in these types of events. The Stall Fabricators design the setup. An Event Company usually put in order all the events

(28) Seminars:

What is a Seminar?

Certainly, meetings like Seminars pool to inform a group of people about a specific topic or skill. As a result, experts and speakers have the urge to speak on topics like investing, etc. Also, about finance, web marketing, real estate, etc. Hence providing work for Exhibitions Stall Fabricators. As can be seen in the above texts we are best at what we do. All things considered, you will be glad that you hired us to build your Exhibition Stands for the Seminars.

(29) Social Events:

What is a Social Event?

Generally, a Social event is a meet to enjoy major life events or religious ceremonies. Likewise, common social events are weddings, birthdays, anniversary, bar mitzvahs, engagement, etc. Hence, these provide a lot of jobs to the Exhibition Stall Fabricators. Previously, we have shown that we have done great Stalls and Stands for these types of functions. Glider is the Best Event Stall Fabricator that you will ever find in the whole of India. In short, we build cheap and best stalls.

(30) Symposiums:

What is the Symposium?

Symposiums are meetings where experts in a particular field meet and present papers then discuss issues. Also, trends or make recommendations for action in the near future. Not only do these places need a firm to decorate their meeting halls but they also need an event company to take care of the full event. In fact, Glider Events has built Symposium Stages and Stalls that left the guest in awe and wonder.


What are Trade Shows?
Certainly, a Trade Show is a good place for companies to display their new products. Also, their latest prototypes to journalists, the public, and others in their own industry. Finally, it happens mainly in Exhibition, Consumer Gate Shows, and Expos.


What is the Workshop?
In contrast to what we think, the terms “seminar” and “workshop” are the same. Hence, the Seminars and Workshops fall in an education event category. Generally, Workshops have more group activities and other skills. These are better for teaching skills which require all participants to learn and develop skills just like a Seminar. Glider Events has hosted many Seminars in the past few years. We have strong ideas that help you give the best Seminar setups.


What is the Shareholder’s meeting?

A Shareholder’s meeting is nothing but an Annual Meet where the head of a Firm meets with board members. Particularly, to meet and discuss the main things that they plan to do in the future. Hence, providing work for Exhibition Stall Fabricators.




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Being an event planning company in India. We provide various types of event services.


To begin with, Glider is well known Corporate Event Management Company in India. It is one of the services which we provide mainly. Also, we specialize in Designing, Execution, and Venue Management.


Indeed, Glider is familiar with being a Brand Promotion company in Chennai. Usually, Branding is a term that means a business concept or idea. Here this marketing concept helps you to know a particular brand.


Presently we are daily working with many Stall Fabricator companies in India. Firstly, we make Custom Stalls, Exhibition Stalls, Stand up stalls, Pop up Stalls, and many more. We analyze all the Stalls and Stands requests with very strict details.


For us, an exhibition is a strong tool to connect with our regional dealers and distributors. By utilizing Glider Events’ exhibition stall designs and fabrication services.

Glider Events’ quality services have facilitated us to reach the target clients from various exhibitions carried out throughout Chennai. Their skilled designer and fabricators’ team is always ready…

Good experience with Glider Events. Good stall design and support services during the Glinder Events Exhibition aids us in providing tailored exhibition stall design and fabrication services.

Our association with Glider Events is of many years now. Whenever we plan to exhibit our products, the only name comes into our mind is Glider Events And this is due to their superlative exhibition stall design and fabrication services with swiftness.


Stall fabrication, meaning in exhibition, is the process of fabrication of exhibitions stalls where the exhibit design is conceptualized into physical elements or structure.

9 Practical Tips to Prepare a Successful Exhibition Stall

  • What are your exhibiting goals?
  • Have you researched your competition?
  • What stand type have you planned?
  • How are you planning your graphics?
  • Do you have a plan to engage audiences?

A good location for an exhibition stall can be at the entrance, or at the junction of two busy aisles where visitors tend to stop for short time.

The most common materials are wood, metal, fabric (often used for graphics), and flexible panels.

Exhibition Stall, Size: 10 X 20 Feet.

An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World’s fairs.

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