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Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai

Generally, Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai are having good experience in Tradeshows. In Chennai, all kindly of trade shows will happen. People will be participating in Chennai from all over the world. Indeed, You will get end-to-end services for the trade shows in Chennai.

We came as startup, Now the leading Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai

Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai – Thus, Our Glider Events inaugurated its first office in Chennai. With 9500 square feet in house stall fabrication. Hence, we are Leading Exhibition stall fabricators at Chennai, and also the International Exhibition cum Convention Center. Moreover dedicated team of stall designers also artists and visualizers from Chennai..

In addition to, with approachable presence in the exhibition industry we were also considered the best exhibition stall contractor in Chennai. Similarly and also to nurture our extensions we specialized in custom built exhibition stalls and also design. Henceforth, we started our services for Chennai surroundings..

Beside, Glider Events is now the best Exhibition implementation team of Stall Fabricators in Chennai. Also Serving at  Expo Centre and Mart. meanwhile, with We also have experienced stand designers from leading design schools and also agencies..

Exhibition Venue:-

Certainly, The Chennai Trade Center is a hub for Trade Shows and Expos. We have more than 25 Exhibition stall fabricators in Chennai. All types of trade shows will be designed and fabricated by them.

Exhibition Stall Designers in Chennai India

Initially, We get the requirements from the clients. We get the floor plan of the stall booked in the specific trade show. We get the exact size of the stall and we do get all the information to proceed with the design from clients. Certainly, there are few questions that we ask the clients before we initiate the design.

  • Color Theme
  • How Many Sides are going to be open
  • Flooring Type
  • Shelves or Racks
  • Podium for Product Display
  • Furniture
  • TV or LED Wall
  • Lightings
  • Budget

And there are other questions too. I have mentioned the basic requirements of a stall above.

To cover all clients in Chennai

Indeed, when we get the answers for the above list from the client. It will obviously help our 3D Designer to make some good designs as per the client’s requirement.

Our designer will be able to submit the Exhibition Stall design in a couple of days.

Alternatively, we give two options of the stall to the client. Also, we will follow up with the client for any changes.

The designer’s role is to follow all the instructions of a client and it should be on the client’s budget. However, the designer will have a word with the fabricator when he starts the designing work of exhibition stalls.

Finally, The client will finalize the design of the stall how it has to be on that particular trade show.

Glider Events, the Best Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai.

Glider Events has covered over 18000 sq. meters’ area in an attempt to set a new record in design & build sector of Exhibition stall fabricators in Chennai. We have executed the designing and fabrication of almost 1000 exhibition stands according to the custom requirements of clients. Being the most reliable exhibition design company, Glider Events Exhibitions has built credibility in the market. With over client base of 800 exhibitors, we take pride in giving a path to their vision. You must know the special attractions of our design & build services:..

  • Highly experienced stall designers, fabricators and installation experts are appointed in the panel of this Exhibition Stall Designer in Chennai.
  • We have never denied our clients the best output even if the inputs have been given on an urgent basis.
  • Detailing and finishing of design & fabrication of exhibition booths have been smartly aligned.
  • We apply the method of empathy by thinking from the perspective of visitors or onlookers to design and fabricate the exhibition stall..

Redefining the vision of client is now possible with Glider Events the renowned exhibition stall design company of Chennai!

Clients Role:-

To begin with, the production of exhibition stalls fabrication. The client has to give a letter to the organizer that we are the authorized vendor for his customized stall space. And Also, The client will share the contact of the organizer with the vendor to get support while doing the fabrication. If there is any caution deposit for tradeshows.

The client or vendor has to take care of that according to the agreement. Above all, a vendor needs to get clear timings for the setup. The organizers will have a plan. Accordingly, the vendor has to arrange all the fabrication team and do the setup prior. This is how the Exhibition stall Fabricators in Chennai works.

To avail a good service in Exhibition Stall Fabrication, Kindly visit us www.gliderevents.com or call us +91 8144404555

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One Stop Solutions For your Exhibition Stall Fabrication Needs

Glider Events is the best Exhibition Stall Designers & Fabrication company in Chennai. We are experts in planning, designing, and executing all your Events and Exhibitions. We have good experience in venue management. Additionally, we provide 3D designs, fabrication. Also, we manage the whole operation. Hence we can handle the event from the start to the finish. Furthermore, we can also handle all pre-event PR. Thus, we are best with creative experience and best social media marketing











Our Services

Being an event planning company in India. We provide various types of event services.


To begin with, Glider is well known Corporate Event Management Company in India. It is one of the services which we provide mainly. Also, we specialize in Designing, Execution, and Venue Management.


Indeed, Glider is familiar with being a Brand Promotion company in Chennai. Usually, Branding is a term that means a business concept or idea. Here this marketing concept helps you to know a particular brand.


Presently we are daily working with many Stall Fabricator companies in India. Firstly, we make Custom Stalls, Exhibition Stalls, Stand up stalls, Pop up Stalls, and many more. We analyze all the Stalls and Stands requests with very strict details.


For us, an exhibition is a strong tool to connect with our regional dealers and distributors. By utilizing Glider Events’ exhibition stall designs and fabrication services.

Glider Events’ quality services have facilitated us to reach the target clients from various exhibitions carried out throughout Chennai. Their skilled designer and fabricators’ team is always ready…

Good experience with Glider Events. Good stall design and support services during the Glinder Events Exhibition aids us in providing tailored exhibition stall design and fabrication services.

Our association with Glider Events is of many years now. Whenever we plan to exhibit our products, the only name comes into our mind is Glider Events And this is due to their superlative exhibition stall design and fabrication services with swiftness.


Stall fabrication, meaning in exhibition, is the process of fabrication of exhibitions stalls where the exhibit design is conceptualized into physical elements or structure.

9 Practical Tips to Prepare a Successful Exhibition Stall

  • What are your exhibiting goals?
  • Have you researched your competition?
  • What stand type have you planned?
  • How are you planning your graphics?
  • Do you have a plan to engage audiences?

A good location for an exhibition stall can be at the entrance, or at the junction of two busy aisles where visitors tend to stop for short time.

The most common materials are wood, metal, fabric (often used for graphics), and flexible panels.

Exhibition Stall, Size: 10 X 20 Feet.

An exhibition, in the most general sense, is an organized presentation and display of a selection of items. In practice, exhibitions usually occur within a cultural or educational setting such as a museum, art gallery, park, library, exhibition hall, or World’s fairs.

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