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Stall Fabricators In Chennai – Glider Events’ offer a best services in Exhibition Stall Fabrication, Booth Design and Exhibition Pavilion Construction – we have been working in this domain for the last few years, and has been able to satisfying our esteemed clients in Chennai. We have established our self as an eminent service provider of Exhibitions Stalls, Pavilions Services. We take pride in offering wide range of products designed specifically for corporate promotional activities..

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To put it differently, I am going to say few tips to become the best Stall Fabricators in Chennai. There are certain things that every stall fabricator must follow.

Everyone can become a stall Fabricator but the question is how to become ” The Best ” in the market.

First of all, Being a Stall Fabricator in Chennai. You must be ready to give Quality work; We are in the service Industry. Service means the Best Quality Stall Fabrication in the Industry. Keeping this in mind we have to move forward.

Able to Provide Quality Stall Fabrication Services in Chennai,India

Mostly, I can say 90% of stall fabricators in the world think that how to complete the particular project. If you focus on how to complete then you will not be able to provide Quality Stall Fabrication services. Instead of planning, how to complete the project. Think, How you can make the stall without any mistake and with high quality for your client’s Exhibition Stall.

When you focus on quality Stall Fabrication, It means you are already know how to implement this easily. Also, your focus will help you to do this in a friendly way.

To begin with, let us talk about what successful stall fabricators do.

  • Usually, The first thing a stall Fabricator sees the design and decides which materials he is going to use.
  • Secondly, He will analyze how much time the work should get completed. Lastly, He should know how much manpower he requires to complete the Stall Fabrication work without hiccups.
The Best Stall Fabricators:-

To execute an exhibition there has to be a plan to do it. We are working on this field for years so you can have high expectations from us. Our work commences after we get the floor plan the space to be designed for exhibition booths and stalls.

We work in full correspondence with our clients, understanding their needs and aesthetics. In the initial phase of our work, we work towards understanding what our clients need and conceptualize the design with them..

In the execution phase, we provide our clients with both manual and virtual designs of exhibition stalls booths (2D and 3D designs, snapshots of the work development process, pictures of how the finished product will look like, etc.) of our work plan.l

Printing work:-

Printing plays a major role. Most of them are thinking printing is the easiest job which can be done very easily and we have plenty of printing shops in the market. This is totally wrong. All the printers will not maintain quality printing.

Few of them have not upgraded the printing machines. Also, when you do the printing always go and do the measurement of printing files. Share the same with the client to get approval.

Above all, these communications should be through instant messages or E-mail. So that, The client will also know how the work is going to be done. contact us @ +91 81444-04555

Arranging Manpower:-

Importantly, manpower plays a major role in this making of Exhibition Stalls. Instead of putting all the pressure on particular labor.

A supervisor must plan and assign the work to carpenters, Fabricators, Labors, and Electrician. If you work like this you will not have any confusion. Don’t underestimate that the carpenter will do the electrician job or the fabricator will do the carpenter job.

Planning from Day one:-

However, You will do this job 100% if you get the work order from your client. Certainly, you are the one who is going to plan how you will implement this.

I advise people if they want to become number one then plan this on the day when they receive the work order. Always, have a backup plan to do it smoothly.

These are the procedures to become the number one Stall Fabricators in Chennai. If you really want to become one of the Best Stall Fabricators in Chennai.

Kindly follow these steps, It will help you to achieve your goals.


Exhibition Stall Fabricators are set in many events in this industry.

What are the other types of Meetings and Events that need us? let’s see,


Presently we are daily working with many Stall Fabricator companies in India. Firstly, we make Custom Stalls, Exhibition Stalls; Stand up stalls, Pop up Stalls, and many more. For one thing, we analyze all the Stalls and Stands requests with very strict details. In a similar fashion, we also see who are the best suppliers based on the previous line of the work. Not to mention we take into consideration where the Event takes place for logistics.


We are looking for candidate has experience in exhibition stall fabricators.

  • Supervisors
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Truck Drivers
  • Painters
  • 3D Designers


What is an Annual General Meeting (AGM)?

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is also known as a shareholders meeting. Here a large meet is held by Trade Companies. These Meetings let the shareholder interact with the board of directors. Especially to know about the company’s growth. They also elect new members to the board of directors. Providing a lot of work to Exhibition Stall Fabricators.


What is meant by Board Meeting?

Usually, Board Meeting is a term used for the meeting of Companies and Board of directors. Hence, it is actually the meeting of the head of a company. Only to discuss the future of the firm. Also, decide the way of action for the next months.


What are Breakout Sessions?

Particularly, a Breakout Session is meetings or workshops. Along with seminars or presentations too. Generally, these meets are for a small group of people. These meetings are usually held in small rooms. Similarly in a convention center or hotel. As well as in off-site meeting rooms or boardrooms.


What are Business Dinners and Banquets?

Business Dinners and Banquets are formal galas of a company or firm. Particularly to mark their victory within the Firm. Hence, lifting the mood of employees and members of their company. Depending on the size of the companies these dinners may be small in a room. Likewise in a large hotel banquet hall or even in an event space like an art gallery or museum.


What is the Conference?

Generally, Convention and Conference is a term that portrays the meeting. Hence, the industry’s standard definition of a conference is a meeting of a short duration. However, a convention is a plan to meet the specific objectives. Indeed in all types of meeting at a specific time. Therefore they give work to Exhibition Stall Fabricators.


What is a Colloquium?

Similarly, a colloquium is an “academic networking event.” Usually, the members are experts in the given field. Thus they meet to swap new ideas. As a result, many academic programs need to participate in a colloquium to complete the event. Hence, Exhibition Stall Fabricators are employed here too.


What is a Conclave?

Generally, Conclaves are types of meetings that are conducted in secret. Indeed, a conclave is a “closed-door” meeting. For the most part, the sole person who has a certain level of power or hold the meetings. Certainly, one of the most noted conclaves in the world is the Papal conclave. Here the cardinals meet to elect the new Pope. Obviously, Exhibition Stall Fabricators don’t have much work there.


What are Consumer Shows?

A consumer show or a Gate Show is a Trade Show that is open to the public. Above all, these shows have an entrance fee. Particularly, people who relate to their latest products. Also, these consumers like electronics, automobiles, medicine, etc.

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Glider Events is the best Stall Designers & Fabricators in chennai & event management company in Chennai. We are experts in planning, designing, and executing all your Events and Exhibitions. We have good experience in venue management. Additionally, we provide 3D designs, fabrication. Also, we manage the whole operation. Hence we can handle the event from the start to the finish. Furthermore, we can also handle all pre-event PR. Thus, we are best with creative experience and best social media marketing











Our Services

Being an event planning company in India. We provide various types of event services.


To begin with, Glider is well known Corporate Event Management Company in India. It is one of the services which we provide mainly. Also, we specialize in Designing, Execution, and Venue Management.


Indeed, Glider is familiar with being a Brand Promotion company in Chennai. Usually, Branding is a term that means a business concept or idea. Here this marketing concept helps you to know a particular brand.


Presently we are daily working with many Stall Fabricator companies in India. Firstly, we make Custom Stalls, Exhibition Stalls, Stand up stalls, Pop up Stalls, and many more. We analyze all the Stalls and Stands requests with very strict details.


Glider Events, What I would say… Thanks a lot! you have done great a good job! We appreciate your efforts! Our team is really happy with stall.

It has come up as expected I am really happy with your work. Congratulations.

Thank you very much for the support extended to us for the construction of the Stall fabrication at 2020. The design was very much appreciated by most of the visitors and it helped us to attract more crowds at the stall. Thank you once again. Best regards.

Superb ,Outstanding Design and Error Free Execution. Best Wishes n and keep rocking Glider Events.


Stall fabrication, meaning in exhibition, is the process of fabrication of exhibitions stalls where the exhibit design is conceptualized into physical elements or structure.

Here are the ways you can decorate your exhibition stand:

  • The size. The size ought to be the very first thing to consider when you want to decorate your exhibition booth. …
  • Stand decoration. …
  • Colours and Logos. …
  • Displays. …
  • Visual Aids. …
  • Conclusion.

The most common materials are wood, metal, fabric (often used for graphics), and flexible panels. In this article, we’ll cover a range of the most common types of materials used in the exhibition stand industry across the globe.

  • Generate a following and enhance your profile.
  • Decide on the exhibition theme and select works that reflect this.
  • Find a location.
  • Market your event.
  • Generate sales of your work.
  • Promote new pieces of work.
  • Deliver a message via your work.

The stall design is the maximum expression of the ephemeral architecture in a trade fair, trade show, event or congress.

Yes, by definition a professional artist sells their work (paintings, sculptures, illustrations) in order to make money.

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