Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai. Select the best

Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai

Generally, Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai are having good experience in Tradeshows. In Chennai, all kindly of trade shows will happen. People will be participating in Chennai from all over the world. Indeed, You will get end-to-end services for the trade shows in Chennai.

Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai
Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Chennai

Exhibition Venue:-

Certainly, The Chennai Trade Center is a hub for Trade Shows and Expos. we have more than 25 Exhibition stall fabricators in Chennai. All types of trade shows will be designed and fabricated by them.

How an Exhibitions Stall Fabricators in Chennai works ?

Initially, We get the requirements from the clients. We get the floor plan of the stall booked in the specific trade show. We get the exact size of the stall and we do get all the information to proceed with the design from clients. Certainly, there are few questions that we ask the clients before we initiate the design.

  • Color Theme
  • How Many Sides are going to be open
  • Flooring Type
  • Shelves or Racks
  • Podium for Product Display
  • Furniture
  • TV or LED Wall
  • Lightings
  • Budget

And there are other questions too. I have mentioned the basic requirements of a stall above.

Indeed, When we get the answers for the above list from the client. It will obviously help our 3D Designer to make some good designs as per the client’s requirement. Our designer will be able to submit the Exhibition Stall design in a couple of days. Alternatively, we give two options of the stall to the client. Also, we will follow up with the client for any changes. The designer’s role is to follow all the instructions of a client and it should be on the client’s budget. However, the designer will have a word with the fabricator when he starts the designing work of exhibition stalls. Finally, The client will finalize the design of the stall how it has to be on that particular trade show.

Clients Role :-

To begin with, The production of exhibition stall fabrication. The client has to give a letter to the organizer that we are the authorized vendor for his customized stall space. And Also, The client will share the contact of the organizer with the vendor to get support while doing the fabrication. If there is any caution deposit for tradeshows. The client or vendor has to take care of that according to the agreement. Above all, a vendor needs to get clear timings for the setup. The organizers will have a plan. Accordingly, the vendor has to arrange all the fabrication team and do the setup prior. This is how the Exhibition stall Fabricators in Chennai works.

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