Event Management Company in India

Certainly, As an event management company in Chennai, India. Also, it is one of the Best Event Management companies and Exhibition Stall Designers in India. We are known for our best Client Service. Above all, we give services throughout India. Similarly, we also have a production house in Chennai & Bangalore. We have qualified designers to design your event and exhibition stalls.

What we Do:-

  • Exhibition Stall Designers in India
  • Exhibition Stall Fabrication in India
  • Event Designers in India
  • Event Production and Management
  • Stage Fabrication
  • Corporate Events & Product Launches
  • AV Support
  • MICE
Event Management Company in Chennai
Event Management Company in Chennai.


Firstly, Glider is well-known in the field of Exhibition Stall Designers in India. Similarly, We have designed and fabricated more than 300+ stalls all over India. Our designers have a proven record of making unique designs for Exhibition Stalls. Also, we don’t stop here, we will provide you complete fabrication work too. We have huge experience in making stalls. Above all, we have a good production team to execute any stall design which was provided by the clients.


We give quality Stalls and Stands in this field. Our firm is well known by many big firms in the Event Management Industry. As a matter, our price for Stall Fabrication is also very good. Although the price is good the work we do is always great. Here, we look to satisfy our clients and never let them down.

Without a doubt, our teams are the best Stall Fabricators in India. Seeing that we have our own production house in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi, and Coimbatore. Transport is also easy for many places in South India.

Exhibition Stall Fabricators in Bengaluru , www.gliderevents.com
Stall Fabricators in Bengaluru


Firstly, when you set to compete in any event, tradeshow, or exhibition you have to choose a firm for Stage fabrication. Generally, the aim is to get future customers and clients. Basically, it aids you to get leads for your business. These shows and events are the best places to display your product and service. Evidently, Exhibition Stage Designing and fabrication serve as a space to promote your business.

Glider Events is one of the star exhibition stand fabricators in India. We have years of wisdom and a huge client base. What’s more, we help clients from all industries to leave a mark in the tradeshows and events. To clarify, as an exhibition stand builder we aim to give quality in every project. In other words, something that we always do. Not to mention we make custom designs for the client’s needs and goals.


MICE stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. In detail, we take care of complete MICE events. Also, we have ten years of experience in the field of Event Management Company.

Certainly, We provide all types of services. Being an Event Management Company, we take care of your entire event. We have the best Fabricators in the Market and we give complete AV support for your events. Also, w have quality audio systems and lights for your events. Similarly, we always update with the latest equipment in the field of Event Management Company.


We are the Best Corporate Event Organizers in Chennai and an Event Management Company too. Due to the fact that we do BTL service,

We Also Do,

  • Corporate Events
  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Product Launch
  • Seminars
  • Exhibitions
  • 3D Designing
  • Stall Fabrication
  • Road Show
  • Sampling
  • Awards
  • Parties


We have our own production house in Chennai & Coimbatore. First of all, we give Event management support for Corporate & Social Events. Furthermore for Corporate media and Brand management also for Stall Designing and Fabrication. Finally, we also do Stage Fabrication, Sound & Light, AV support, Positioning, etc. Hence we give service to a wide range of many fields ranging from Corporate to private clients.

Our company has expertise in 3D Designing and Fabrication for your Events and Exhibitions. We have a dedicated team of designers and fabricators. These dedicated teams of designers and fabricators are probably who bring life to your Exhibition stalls and Events.
As a result, our company gives Event management support for Corporate & Social Events. Some of our services are

Corporate communications
Brand management
Exhibition Stall Designing and Fabrication
Stage Fabrication
Sound & Light
AV support
Brand Promotions
BTL Advertisement etc.
Therefore covering a wide range of diverse industries from Corporate to private clients.


Glider Events is one of the Top Event Management Company in India. We have served almost 800+ clients in the past 9+ years. Therefore we have been around more than 9 years in this field. Consequently providing the best client servicing in Exhibition Stall Fabrication and Event Management Industry.

The glider has completed around 800+ events in the MICE industry. We can work all over India. Above all, we have a partnership with many Stall Fabrication Companies and Event Management Companies in other states of India. Therefore it makes us easy to provide us the best quality in the Event Management Industry. In contrast to other companies, we also give Designing Services. Above all, we are the most noteworthy and good Event management company that you will probably find.

Certainly, events are opportunities to create memorable moments that help educate, inspire, and connect you with your audience and consumers.

Besides we understand and know the power of brand experiences. Certainly, your goal is to empower your sales force. Finally, we do it by amplifying your message or celebrate individuals in your organization.

At Glider, we help you make it happen. From design to strategic planning and execution to logistics. Creating and producing mirror experiences that deliver the best result on your end. Certainly, leave a great impact on your public and crowd.


Seems like, event planning is the most potent marketing tool in the industry. Hence, many brands have their own fabrication team. Due to this, we have opened our own production house in Chennai and Coimbatore. We have the best Carpenters, Fabricators, Painters, etc. Furthermore, we have all materials like Audio, LED Panel, Projectors, Back-Drop, Etc.


Wedding Event Planner
Stage Decoration
Stage Flower Decorator Service
Party Event Planners
Certified Wedding Planner
Event Planner Website
Fun Corporate Events
Product Launch Venues
Event Management Jobs
Corporate Event Planning Jobs
South Indian Wedding


Glider Events is an Event Planning Company. In addition to this, we also pursue Wedding Decoration. Firstly, we are the Best Wedding Event Planner company in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Of course, we do destination events and big events. Undeniably, we care about every little detail of your Wedding. Undoubtedly, we are experienced in detailing, planning, and designing the whole Wedding event. In particular, we provide the best hospitality and logistic which is without a doubt are the key factors of the Wedding Event planning.

Evidently, though we are based in Chennai, we also provide services all over India. As a matter of fact, we have taken big steps to plan and execute your wedding. Particularly in a very Exotic Wedding and Fairy tale view for your big day. With this purpose in mind, we are ready to bring your dreams to reality.


Stage Decoration and Arrangement is a key factor. In this case, we fall among the best stage decoration items and arrangements providers as well. Presently our company has the best stage decorators who can mold events or functions into highly fancy and chic ones. The job of a stage decoration company is to lend decorations, for most of the parts. At this point, we help you to sit back and relax. For this reason, call us to decorate your wedding halls or Corporate Events with a royal backdrop or to create a front welcome arch or any other decorations you want. To summarize we will prove ourselves once again as the Stage Decoration Company for all your events.


Stage Flower Decorator services fall under the category of wedding Event Planner. To begin with, this is the main thing that brings the Marriage hall or any other function venue to life. To explain, we provide beautiful flower decorations for all Family Events, Social Events, and Corporate events at all different types of venues.

From traditional weddings to every event we plan is unique. Our planners and designers listen to your ideas and think of the best ways to translate them into reality making each event is different from the other. Since we provide hundreds of different set-ups and styles we have become one of the best Stage Flower Decorator Services in Chennai and all of South-India. Simultaneously we also provide flower arrangements with drape, set decorations, venue decorations, Balloon decoration, etc.,. Without delay call us to book an appointment to blow you of your feet with our budget-friendly Stage Flower Decorations.


Firstly, there are many types of parties in India like

Birthday Party
Singles dance party
Fundraising party
Graduation party
Marriage-related parties
Housewarming party
Welcome party
Farewell party
Pool party
After-party etc,

While we Indians are known to throw parties for each and every occasion be it silly or serious and big, we are your best Party Event Planners in Chennai and all of South India. Certainly, we provide you with the best themes and best decoration for all your Parties. Especially, we are great at providing services for Birthday parties. Meanwhile, we are great at Balloon Decorations for all types of parties.


On one hand, in India, the wedding is not between two people but two families. While this may be true, it is also a union of two loving people. They make this promise for the rest of their lives. At Glider Events, we try our best to satisfy the needs and calls of both families. Simultaneously, we also give all the aid that we can provide to our Bride and Groom. In other words anything for their big day.

All things are shown here, we are always here to make your dreams come true. In short, we help you plan the wedding. As well as an adventure of your lifetime in the best way. As shown above, we understand how challenging it is to plan a wedding. Not only that but receptions and other events too. Indeed, we certified Wedding Planner but also the best Event Management Company. Summing up we are sworn to planning your special day by using lots of our new ideas.


As a matter of fact, we all live in the age of electronics. Not to mention the dawn of the internet. We are all connected to this huge web. The internet is never-ending. Technology is at the great heights of human evolution. Indeed, we are an Event Management company that has great proof. It speaks for itself on the field. In the same way, we need a source to connect to the evolving world of the Internet. With this in mind, we created our Event Company Website. The website brings in a lot of calls. We then talk to our callers.


Here you can know more about us. Together with our internet strategies and a powerful Event Planner Website. So here we get in touch with you and you get in touch with us. Certainly, this Event Planner Website has helped us come close to our Clients in many ways. As a result, we have become better with each and every day. With this in mind, feel free to call us at any time. You can discuss whatever event needs you to have. In the meantime, we are always on the Event Planner Website to help you. All firms have websites at this time of day. Compared to the other firms we can say we are the Best Event Organizers in Chennai. To put it in other words, we are cheap and the best.


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.

The first thing to remember, what is life without some fun. Once in a while, all of us have to loosen up to live their life apart from our busy lives. Since you are already tired and run down after your job worries. We will plan a fun-filled event for you. In reality, these Fun Corporate Events and Games might be a good thing. Also, this will be great for you to grow up a great way to bond with your work team.

These could be anything like,

  • Cook-Off
  • Sneak a Peek
  • Karaoke Night
  • Laser Tag
  • Sports Game
  • Board Game Tournament
  • Office Trivia
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • What’s My Name?


In reality, a product launch helps you to kick off your product to the consumer world.

Then again there are 8 types of Product Launch Venues that you could choose from

  • Modern
  • Historic
  • Budget
  • Designer
  • Creative
  • Luxury
  • Office
  • Outdoor

To sum up, the need for a product launch venue depends on the product you launch. For example, you will not want to launch a car on the 40th floor of a skyscraper, unless the car can fly you out of the building. For this reason, you should choose the proper Event Management Company. They will choose a proper product launch venue for you. To summarize, use our service to choose the best Product Launch venues near you.


Seeing that we have set that we are one of the Best Event Management Company in Chennai. Also, the whole of South India. We are always looking for smart people to join our team. For this reason, we always have a list of Event Management Jobs classes that we always need to hire like,

  • Web App Developers
  • Sales Executives
  • Digital Marketing Executives
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Logistics Drivers

In short, we hire all types of people for all types of event-related jobs. Particularly, we hire people who are good in the Event Management Companies field.


Not only do we hire people for all types of Event Management Company Jobs like BTL, MICE, etc. But also we hire people who are good in Corporate Event Planning. Since we are in Chennai we pursue Corporate Event Planning. Therefore we need as many as fit unique workers who are ready to work for us. Hence we are always hiring in the following categories,

  • Event Coordinators
  • Event Hosts
  • Photographers
  • Senior Event Planner
  • Senior Meeting Planner
  • Corporate Event Planner
  • Corporate Event Staff
  • Travel Consultants etc.

In general, we hire good candidates who will add value to our company. They will also grow as an individual in this field of Corporate Event Planning.


Undoubtedly, we believe, every bride deserves her fairytale wedding. Hence, we are an Event Management Company in Chennai we are more focused on South Indian weddings. Indeed we also do Wedding Planning for North-Indian Birdes too.

Given these points, we glitter vision and Magic in each and every aspect of your upcoming wedding event. In addition to the basic mark of Indian weddings, we provide you with

  • South Indian Wedding Planners
  • Indian Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Photographers
  • Flower Decorators
  • DJs
  • Stage Flower Decoration
  • Cinematographers
  • Bride Make-up Artists
  • Wedding Mehndi Artists etc.

Lastly, As a result, we will always find every resource you could ever need for all your Indian wedding ceremonies. Hence make that day a memorable one.

For more details please feel free to call us @ +918144404555